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Meeting Dates

Somerset County Park Commission Work Session and Public Meeting Dates



    Somerset County Park Commission hereby sets the open public meetings of the Commission for 2021 to be held, unless stated otherwise, on the third Thursday of each month at the times noted below. Meetings will be held in the Park Commission Headquarters located at 355 Milltown Road, Bridgewater, NJ, with said dates and times being:

January 11, 2021 -3:30 p.m. Special Opening Meeting
  January 28, 2021 -8:00 a.m.
February 18, 2021 -3:30 p.m.
March 18, 2021 -8:00 a.m.
April 15, 2021 -3:30 p.m.
May 20, 2021-8:00 a.m.
June 17, 2021 -3:30 p.m.
July 15, 2021 -8:00 a.m.
August 19, 2021 -3:30 p.m.
September 16, 2021 -8:00 a.m.
October 21, 2021 -3:30 p.m.
November 19, 2021 -8:00 a.m.
(2nd Thursday)
December 9, 2021 -3:30 p.m.

Due to the COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) pandemic, the Somerset County Park Commission Headquarters is closed to the public for an indefinite period of time. Pursuant to emergency regulations promulgated by the Director of the Division of Local Government Services, (codified as N.J.A.C. 5:39-1.1 through 1.7), the Somerset County Park Commission is now advising that, until further notice, the meetings shall be held remotely and virtually via the Zoom video conferencing platform for Park Commissioners in conjunction with an in-person meeting for members of the public. The Commission’s Secretary-Director will be logged into the Zoom conference while located at the Commission Meeting Room at Park Commission Headquarters, 355 Milltown Road, Bridgewater, NJ; and

Members of the public are advised that they can only participate in these meetings in-person by appearing at the Commission Meeting Room at Park Commission Headquarters, 355 Milltown Road, Bridgewater, NJ. Members of the public are advised as follows:

1. Members of the public may participate only during the specific “open to the public” portion during the Commission’s agenda.

2. Park Commission Headquarters will be open 15 minutes prior to the meeting start time and will be closed to the public at the end of the meeting.

3. All attendees must engage in social distancing.

4. All attendees must wear facemasks or coverings  

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that this Resolution be sent to the Courier News within 10 days of passage and posted in a public information area in the County Administration Building and Park Commission office.


I, Geoffrey D. Soriano, Secretary-Director of the Somerset County Park Commission, hereby certify the above to be a true copy of Resolution adopted by the said Commission at a regular meeting held December 10, 2020.

Secretary- Director