New Park Improvements

New Improvements to East County Park on Reinman and
Dubois Roads In Warren Township


Improvements to the park include a new paved trail with pedestrian bridge connecting the existing stone dust loop trail off of Reinman Road with the athletic fields on Dubois Road, a leash free dog area, 1 pavilion, 1 shade structure and new pole barn.


The multi-use trail is 6 feet wide and is made of porous asphalt pavement.  It is approximately 0.4 mile in length with a prefabricated steel pedestrian bridge connecting the stone dust loop trail off of Reinman Road with the two athletic fields off of Dubois Road.  There is a paved spur off of the main trail providing access to an on-site pond.

Leash Free Dog Area

Leash free dog area is located to the west of the new trail and will have access points off of the new trail and off of the existing stone dust trail.  The main part of the dog park is split into two 0.85 acre areas allowing one side to be closed for restoration when necessary while maintaining access to the other.  Also included is a separate 0.40 acre area for smaller dogs.


Pavilion is an octagonal shape and is 40 feet in diameter.  It is located adjacent to the Reinman Road parking area and will be ADA accessible.

Shade Structure

The shade structure is octagonal in shape and is 28 feet in diameter.  It is located in the center of the stone dust loop trail and will have a paved access walk from the loop trail.

Pole Barn

The pole barn is constructed in front of the existing barn off of Reinman Road and will function as storage for Park Commission materials.  The design details of the barn will mimic typical barns in the area with red metal siding with a decorative stone foundation, standing seem metal roof and a cupola.