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Maple Sugaring

Environmental Education Center, 190 Lord Stirling Rd, Basking Ridge, NJ • 908 722-1200 Option 2-1

Maple Sugaring
Maple Sugaring
MaSampling the Maple Syrup
Maple Activities  

The following are recommended websites for maple sugaring activities and a list of activity ideas for teachers and students.

Maple Sugaring Activity Websites

• Early America – Sugaring. Sylvan Learning Center at

• Making Maple Syrup “At Grandpa’ Sugar Bush”. Education World at

• Maple Sugaring and Technology by Steven Sauter & Daisy Welch at

• Maple Syrup Lesson Plan.
Penn State University Sustainable Forestry Teacher Resource Center at

• Maple Syrup Production. Cornell Cooperative Extension at

• Sugar Bush Tales. at,1607,7-155-13497_13503_13506-43949--,00.html

• Sugaring in New Hampshire at

• Twigs, Scars, & Winter Buds (Grades 3-6). Eisenhower National Clearinghouse at,,159,00.shtm

• Bigchalk – The Education Network at

• Massachusetts Maple Producers Association at

• St. Joseph County Parks at

Maple Sugaring Activities animated book

• Maple Stories
• Maple Diary
• Maple Poet-Tree
• Maple Ads
• Invent A Maple Food/Recipe
• Maple Bee
• Maple Crossword Puzzle
• Maple Word Search
• Maple Leaf Pressing
• Maple Tree Play
• Four Seasons Maple Art
• Maple Books
• Maple Tree Tapping
• Maple Forest-Tree
• A View From Our Maple Tree
• Maple Math
• Threats to the Sugar Maple Research
• Maple Mapping
• Maple Mural
• Maple History
• Sugar Shack Diorama

Please click on the following links for more information on maple sugaring:

Maple Sugaring Home
Boiling Down

Gathering The Sap
History of Maple Sugaring
Is It Syrup Yet?
Maple Activities
Maple Recipes
Sugar Bush
Word Search (pdf file)
Word Search Answer Key (pdf file)
Multiple Choice Questions

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