General Information

Natirar is a 411-acre property located in the scenic hills of Somerset County within the municipalities of Peapack/Gladstone, Far Hills and Bedminster. There are 247 acres located in Peapack/Gladstone, 124 acres in Far Hills, and 40 acres in Bedminster. Formerly the estate of Kate Macy Ladd and Walter Graeme Ladd, the property is rich in culture and history. The
property features extensive areas of lawn and woodland, river
access and scenic views and contains historic farm buildings and various other residential structures and out-buildings dating from the mid-18th through mid-19th centuries. The North Branch of the Raritan River and the Peapack Brook traverse the property. There is a 1.3 mile Great Meadow Trail, and a 1.0 mile Upper Field Trail that pass along the scenic North Branch of the Raritan River
corridor, through beautiful wooded areas and across fields and meadows. Natirar presents a unique opportunity for a single
property to preserve, showcase and interpret many aspects of the area’s rich architectural, cultural, historic and archaeological heritage.

Natirar Creek
Natirar Creek

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