Public Gardens

Fountain Evening

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Dedicated to the appreciation, protection, and curation of plants, and to promoting both the beauty and critical importance of plants and gardens the Gardens of the Somerset County Park Commission are an ideal demonstration of why New Jersey is the “Garden State.” Our gardens include the Leonard J. Buck Garden, and the gardens in Colonial Park.

The Leonard J. Buck Garden, in Far Hills, NJ is a 29-acre woodland rock garden, featuring planted rock outcroppings and woodland trails lined with naturalized bulbs, ferns, shade perennials, and wildflowers. Buck Garden offers a magnificent variety of native and exotic plants to be enjoyed in all seasons, but is especially appealing in spring, during the peak bloom of its many native and cultivated azaleas, and ephemeral flowers.

Colonial Park Gardens offers a collection of botanical display gardens located in the western portion of Colonial Park in Somerset, NJ.  It includes an award-winning Rose Garden, a nationally accredited Arboretum, a Perennial Garden, a Fragrance and Sensory Garden, and other horticultural collections that include ornamental grasses and shrubs.