Visitor Guidelines

  • Leave No Trace. Please dispose of any refuse in trash or recycling receptacles.
  • Pets—apart from service animals—are not permitted in the Rose Garden.
  • Wedding/engagement ceremonies and photography, special events, and posed photography, whether amateur or professional, would include, but is not limited to birthdays, engagements, family portraits, graduations, maternity, proms, and quinceanera, are allowed by permit only.
  • All active sports would include but is not limited to bicycling, skating, and scootering are not permitted in the Rose Garden.
  • Small picnics of six people or less on a blanket are permitted in the Perennial Garden and Arboretum. We do not allow tables, tents, or props.
  • Picnicking is not allowed in the Rose Garden.
  • Picking or harvesting plants is prohibited.
  • Climbing trees and hanging hammocks are prohibited.
  • Please no balloons or confetti, as they are unfriendly to the environment.
  • Everyone is welcome. We ask adults to accompany young children.

We hope you enjoy your visit to these beautiful and tranquil gardens!